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The Photographic Website is designed for photographers that want to display photos of their work. The site is YOUR photographic site with your Photographic domain name. This means your photos will not be located under a website name that has no association with your Photographic Business. The Photographic Website is designed using dynamic web pages. This means that YOU personally can add photos and make changes to your website without having to contact anyone. Your changes are displayed instantly on your site so your visitors do not have to wait to see your new photos. Making changes and uploading photos is easily done using your browser and the Photographic Website's WebControl. You will never have to wait again for your web designer to get the work done before your site can be updated and there is no extra cost for this GREAT feature!

I am offering the Photographic Website at a Special one time setup fee of $50. There is also an annual website hosting and usage fee of $150. That is only $12.50 a month to have your own photographic website that you control. This is a limited time offer and may change at anytime. The price you start with is the price for life.

Here is what you get for this low Photographic Website price.

The displayed slideshow displays your photos at the speed you set and does not use Adobe Flash. You decide which photos are displayed on your main page slideshow. This captures the visitor's interest in viewing your photos when they first reach your site. You are in control of all of your site, the photos, the text, and much more. Throughout your photo site, the user will view your photos as a Slideshow on the Main Page and as a Slideshow with Thumbnails everywhere else on your site. You DO NOT have to know anything about creating or programing a website to control your site. Touches Of Color Web Designs (TOCWebDesigns) has done all the work for you to give you an easy to use site while having the look and class of those expensive sites where you do not have control. That is right, YOU ARE IN CONTROL, never having to contact anyone to have changes made on your site.

Touches Of Color Web Designs has created a simple to use WebControl area to maintain your site that only you have access or anyone that you allow. The WebControl area is where you upload your photos and control your site. The software creates thumbnails and the larger viewing photos from the JPEG photos you upload. Just a simple click of a checkbox when you upload your photos will add a raised edge to your photo as it is uploaded. This raised edge makes your photos standout from the flat images you see on other sites. You can also display a small stroke around your photos using the color of your choice. All you have to do is upload your photos, there is nothing special that you have to do to get them on your site. You select the photos to upload by selecting them on your computer - all done through the web from anywhere you can access your site. This allows you to do what you know best - PHOTOGRAPHY - instead of dealing with a website.

Click on the images to the left to view some of the working Photographic Websites.

Here is a sample of the features that you get with the Photographic Website...

  • Dynamic Web Site - changes you make to your pages are displayed instantly! Photos are displayed as a Slideshow or let the vister step through the photos at their own speed.
  • WebControl area where you take control of your site without having to know anything about creating or programing websites.
  • Random photos are displayed on your main page in a Slideshow.
  • The Photographic Website works with all browsers and will work with Multimedia Devices such as the Androids, iPhones, Android Tables, iPods, iPads, and many other multimedia devices. No matter what device they use they will still see your photos in a slideshow with the same features. So your site is available to everyone that has access to the web from anywhere.
  • Control over the names you use for your menus. Yes, you have control over the menu names through the WebControl area.
  • Three complete photographic areas - Yes 3 - where you can display your photos. Having 3 photographic areas along with your main site is like having 4 complete websites that are all connected together as one site. These photographic areas allow you to display your photos by differnet categories instead of having them all grouped together. These photographic areas are not just a simple page but instead a complete photographic site in each area where you create individual sessions to upload your photos to. The visitor can then pick the photos they want to view by selecting the photographic area and from the different sessions in each area. You create the titles for these photographic areas that will then automatically become your menus. You can purchase more photographic areas if you need to expand your site even more.
  • Photos are viewed in a Slideshow with Thumbnails to navigate in your Photographic areas. Music can be added to the Slideshow viewing by uploading any mp3 file of your choice an assigning the music to a Photo Group. Changes to the music such as Music on/off or Music volume made by the visitor is remembered for future returns to your site for up to 2 weeks when the same computer and browser is used to access your site. These changes effect the whole site so they do not have to keep making the changes while viewing your photos.
  • The Slideshow default options can be changed by you using the WebControl. You do not need to know anything about how the slideshow works.
  • Online Proofing area that you can activate from the WebControl area. Here is where you store your customer's information and upload your customer's photos to a private area where your customers or anyone they want to give the Online Proofing ID to can view the photos at their leisure. That means no more proofing photos are needed. This can be a big savings for your photographic business. The Online Proofing area is viewed in a Slideshow with Thumbnails.
  • Photos can be ordered from the Online Proofing area and from any Photo Group that you set to allow photo ordering. A form of the photos ordered are emailed to both you and the person placing the order. The form contains a view of the photo being ordered along with the details of what they want to order for each photo. This means there is never a mistake on what they want. Photo orders that you print and ship means you know exactly what they are getting. Photos ordered are placed in a shopping cart that can be accessed anytime from the same computer and browser to finalize and place the order.
  • About page that can be activated from the WebControl area where you enter what you want people to know about your photography and/or photography business.
  • Contact page that can be activated from the WebControl area. Here is where the visitor fills out a form to contact you about your photography. The filled out form is emailed to both you and the sender so they also have a copy of what they sent you.
  • Email accounts with the same domain name as your Photographic website so you can recieve email from your site as you (ex: Email will be forwarded to the email address of your choice that no one else will see. Therefore you only have to check your regular email (ex: instead of several different emails. Your Photographic email address is not displayed anywhere on your site. This means spammers will not get your email address from your website. Having your own email and website both containing your domain name shows the public you are professional.

This is just a small list of the many features that come with the Photographic Website. The Photographic Website package will get Your Photos on the web and help get Your Photos into potential customer's homes and/or businesses. Remember, the Photographic Website was created for Photographers by a Photographer!

Contact Touches Of Color Web Designs if you are interested or have any questions in this easy to use Professional Photographic Website and ready to get your photos of your photography on the internet for all to see!

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